Compound Interest Time Value of Money

Dear J-

If I overslept at all this morning it was out of a sense of obligation to the alarm clock: surely it can’t be that time already, i’ll check back in ten minutes and see if I like the answer any better. The strange thing is that after a week and a half of relative sloth I can’t say that the short ration of sleep has really kicked in yet. Just you wait until the end of the week, I promise myself. Is it worth trying to keep up three different blogs as well as my usual consumption of neat stuff on the internet via Google Reader? I have my doubts at the best of times; seeing as how I still didn’t have time to catch all the way up given a whole week off I’m not sure I can sustain this pace.

When you study strength of materials you learn about something called von Mises theory, which states in essence that material’s failure depends on both the axial and shear loads placed on it. In other words, it’s not enough to evaluate the stresses in each axis separately. There’s always going to be demands on my time at work and at home, and it all depends on how much time you’re willing to set aside for yourself. Call it selfish time, call it decompression time, the end result is that you end up taking time away from either work or family. How does that combine? Do you take too much away in one area and leave yourself vulnerable?

At this point, down to one income, we’re finding ways to scrimp and save where we can when we can so we end up taking advantage of free activities (hey, free craft at this store!) and entertainment (the beach, holiday lights) where we can. Yesterday, for instance, we went to see two decorated houses; from the time we pulled out to the time we pulled back in was exactly one hour and it feels penurious to say it, but that too is an investment of sorts. You invest time with these kids to make sure that they’re entertained and it takes a lot out of you. You need the down time to recharge but time spent now is an investment in your relationship to come and I’m planning on using that compound interest someday for their benefit.



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