Photo Note

Dear J-

I find myself looking around, these weekends lately, at other people’s cameras and wondering what they’re running with. By now it’s no secret that most of those black plastic lumps dangle off the end of Canon or Nikon straps and depending on where you go (Zoo, Sea World) there’s a gray barreled or red or gold-striped lens hanging off it too. Then I remind myself that it’s not the equipment, it’s in the vision, and not to wrench my arm out of its socket trying to pat myself on the back here but the exercise of taking around a camera with a prime lens has helped immensely — I’ve got a rough idea of what the picture should be before the camera comes to my eye, and the final act of pushing the release is just a formality at that point, confirming lighting and focus point.

I’m not sure if it’s been obvious but I’ve been trying to put up at least one picture — good bad or indifferent — per day so far this year. Call it a New Years resolution if you want, but it’s another try at bringing a camera everywhere which has helped me already. As far as going too far afield for photographic inspiration, it’s proving that there’s nothing not worth taking a picture. The world keeps opening up in unexpected inspiration lately.



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