DNA Bucket

Dear J-

It is turning out that we need to top the tops in order to keep her entertained; we spent the day at Legoland — indeed, nearly the whole day (six hours, which in toddler time is close to a week), including an hour spent in line for a two-minute ride (was it worth it? only to say that you went, I suppose). I can’t even remember the name of the ride, it was that unremarkable; though the wait went pretty well, I can’t help but think that it’s got a lot to do with where we were — someplace different than the usual Zoo-Sea World routine.

I’ll be the first to admit that we go to the Zoo a lot; I have done my best to mix up routes and animals, but there’s a limited number of ways to get from front to back and out again. Certain places have more meaning as a railing to hang from or a sculpture to climb on, rather than a certain animal; there’s a strange sort of injustice when the back yard and local canyons are less familiar than Tiger River, say.

This is the third time we’ve been to Legoland — the first time well back in 2004, I asked my brother, who we went with, how he was able to do it: weekend after weekend, taking the kids out all day long, running back and forth, arms down and up laden with sleepy DNA. It was a few hours in, that rainy June day, that I started to question whether I’d have the energy to ever chase children the same way. It’s taken five years to come up with a good answer, but here we are tonight, satisfied but not exhausted, thrilled and amazed as always, having spent the day in good company.



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