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Stretching Exercise

21 May 2009

Dear J-

The weeks are starting to extend themselves into a bit of a blur; we keep working what feels like a whole month’s worth of work in eight hours.  When I reflect on the things I did at the start of the day, they seem like remote mysteries from some ancient past.  This is, of course, not to say that I got a lot done — to the contrary, most days I’m lucky to have kept the deficit between tasks and accomplishments to a manageable level.

Treat things as they come in, then; don’t let them grow to absurd proportions.  I said as much yesterday.  It’s one of those things that you set as what seems like an achievable goal but one you inevitably end up missing in favor of putting the right details in.  Okay, by you I mean me; must be accurate with the man watching in the mirror.  Tasks and weeks both, then, blurring in the rear-view; sometimes I pick up pictures of figgy from not long ago and marvel at how different everything seems.

Stretch your arms around the issues; very few things will escape your grasp if you are ambitious enough.  Acquiring more tasks is entertaining, but how long can you keep those plates spinning on sticks?  When your world contracts on itself and you find yourself having to account for your actions, how proud can you be for having spent all those extra hours at work, instead of on your family?  Priorities shift and so do lives.



Summer Now

21 August 2008

Dear J-

Do you remember the exact moment you decided to live in California?  For me, it was when you called me up — excitedly — coming back to school from winter break and exclaiming that you needed to wear shorts.  In January.  The summer heat here starts early and stays late, but the daylight doesn’t follow.  I remember back when I lived nearer to Canada, summer days were insanely long — the sun would be well-up early and stick around until nearly bedtime.  It made the delineation between seasons more dramatic, especially in winter, when the day was fleeting, at best — slow to rise and early to retire.  Back to southern California and the mostly summer with a few months of rain.

Other people keep telling me that there’s only a limited amount of real estate that’s like this in the world — we’re living somewhere that other people want to come on vacation, and that’s still amazing every day I realize it.  The whole of I-5 passing through San Diego County is pretty scenic compared to other stretches I’ve been on (all the way from border to border), and there’s little I’d trade.

Except, of course, for the whole every-year-this-place-goes-up-in-flames (the hills are starting to parch and go brown).  And traffic.  And home prices, still inflated beyond reason (I remember pricing Kauai real estate and discovering, sadly, that San Diego was outpacing it).  Yet there’s something magical that keeps my head up and alert, at least every time I leave work.  Find something that works — and my life is nigh-perfect — and do what you need to keep it that way.  Simple.