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Halloween Town

31 October 2009

Dear J-

We gorge on candy tonight; for the first time in years not just stuff we’ve bought for handing out, but also on stuff we sent our little beggar figgy around to harvest tonight (in our defense, she’s still allergic to peanuts as far as we know, so we’re doing her a favor by removing all the tempting Snickers, Butterfingers, Reese’s Cups, etc.). As first Halloweens go, this was pretty spectacular: the costume was well-received, the crowds at the mall (trick-or-treating at the mall — in daytime — this truly is a new world) thick and happy, and the neighborhood was happy to see her come around for the first time.

Stampede 3372 -sm

Yesterday coming home from daycare, she pulled out her little bag of candy out and asked me to name each one. We got home and opened up a little bag of gummy bears and, while walking the dog afterwards, ate them with a little grave expression, concentrating on the chewing and flavor. Life is full of perfect little moments lately; the best part is that you don’t know when they’ll start and you can’t make it last when you realize it. There is no TiVo for life — the things that motivate us now may be rejected tomorrow, and it’s the discovery that makes it amazing.

Tri Mo 3434 -sm

Walking around the mall today was fascinating; there were so many kids, so many parents, and figgy, as figgy does, got very mute — motivated enough to go up to strangers, silently holding out her bucket for candy in mute supplication, but awed enough to stay mum. This is the same girl who got the Great Argus Pheasant to scream out WHOA-WHOA by repeating it over and over, the same one who thought nothing of admonishing us for pointing out bubbles and otters. At two and a half the emotions can’t be hidden for long and it’s unfamiliar situations that bring the quiet to the surface; it is a perpetual wellspring of joy reading the weather patterns fleeting across her face.