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Creative New

5 January 2009

Dear J-

Creative opportunities abound at work, although there’s right and wrong ways of doing anything, you get to choose how and how much.  Assuming that you can stomach it, adding more detail is never a bad thing for the future explorers deciphering your hieroglyphics, but at the same time, the sheer volume of work may encourage all kinds of brevity.  It’s been a rude adjustment going back to the full workweek after two weeks of snacks, relaxed deadlines, and early time off.  Space restrictions help out the creative bent too — trimming off the more florid descriptions I tend to attach to otherwise mundane items.

Sadly, though, with the coming down of trees and lights, so too does patience and tolerance.  Our binges come back to haunt us with a remorse chaser as we learn that begging forgiveness is much harder than hoping for timely charity.  It’s almost the Santa effect again; it’s hard to remind kids any time of year but December of the importance of proper behavior, and it’s similarly harder for us to be charitable when confronted by our own folly.  Nonetheless, I’m still intrigued by how the promises of 2008 will translate into 2009.

We have the opportunity to look at things as though it’s either just another day, this New Year, or as an opportunity for a new start.  That’s not a resolution, that’s not a conclusion, that’s a beginning and how many of those will we end up getting?  How many New Years will we end up seeing and remembering?  What memories will you bring out?  How will they flavor your life?



Christmas 2008

25 December 2008

Dear J-

Thanks to late updates and geographic locations, I’m going to be one of the last people to wish a Merry Christmas to folks tonight.  It’s been a fun one for us, as figgy grows ever more aware that being allowed — even encouraged — to rip open presents today is something not quite normal, and the bounty of loud stuff in bright packages is definitely extraordinary.  Despite inflicting strangers and a sleep-depriving schedule on her today, she’s held up remarkably well and, after sufficient time, has warmed up to all the crazy folks she has in her life.


I hope your Merry Christmas has brought all the faces important to you back into your life.  I hope your Merry Christmas has let you set aside the mask you wear for a day and upon letting your hair down, you choose to keep it down tomorrow and tomorrow.  I hope your Merry Christmas brings more acceptance and keeps turning down the intolerance and prejudgement bit by bit.  We all still have so much to learn.