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Cee Lo Green

31 December 2010

Dear J-

One last for 2010 — I’ve bought music this year, the first time I’ve purchased any downloaded music in fact — and it wasn’t until Glee and Gwyneth Paltrow redid Cee Lo Green’s Forget You that I pulled the trigger on his third solo album, The Lady Killer (where, in keeping with his vision, I got the unedited version, where Forget is replaced by another F- verb also often paired with “You” — the unedited version is more fun, but we play Forget around the house, at least for now).

Glad I did.  And funny, it’s not F– You that’s my favorite:  it’s Satisfied, with its soaring accompaniment and retro riffs embellished with brass and class that has earned regular rotation around here.  If nothing else the soundtracks aren’t leading me astray still; I get to find new favorite artists.