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Rising Tide

2 September 2008

Dear J-

One of the best parts of getting this new system at work is that I get to demonstrate how much I know (not that I’m narcissistic about it or anything) by running little demos for the rest of my group.  It’s still odd to me that I’m telling folks how to do their job, when I was asking them the same thing just a few months ago, but there you have it.  I’ve always wanted to teach, and if this is the outlet I get, I’m running with it.

Teaching is only as easy as the students are willing to learn, though; even though our initial mentor training was widely derided, it did give some insight on how to best approach different students, who were classified into three groups.  There’s the hands-on folks, who like to play with things before picking up a manual; the bookish ones, who won’t touch the mouse before reading the book cover-to-cover; and the experience ones, who like to ask questions and gather user knowledge.  We’ve got all types in the group, and it’s fun (?) to shift gears to match the person at my desk.

Best of all, it’s got us discussing what, how, and why we do certain things at work.  It’s a livelier group than before, even if most of the discussion seems to center on ways to fix the system and retread-conversations about issues.  Yet the goal is not to run too far ahead; we all benefit from an increased knowledge base.