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Year 4713

3 February 2011

Dear J-

When I started writing here just over four years ago I reserved this day — Lunar New Year — to reflect on blogs I read and things to look forward to in the coming year. I knew even then that the era of the blog was coming to an end, but didn’t anticipate how quickly it would. Of the blogs I cited in that first entry most have fallen fallow and my laziness has made me overreliant on RSS feeders (I’m using Google Reader) instead of actually visiting sites. Facebook has helped me keep track of people in my life, and the few minutes I do have are usually spent snoozing or playing with the kids now. The only change that can be reliably counted on, so they say, is change. Four years from now Facebook may be a distant memory and there may be an even easier way to apprise your friends on what you’re doing.

We are living in a world increasingly filled with stuff: not only are our physical lives full of things we may never end up using (who has old computers moldering in the closet?) our on-line lives are leaving a permanent record on servers and search engines. Yet these aren’t necessarily bad. The bigger the breadtrail crumbs, the easier it is to connect, the faster we understand each other and the distances have shrunk. Relativity says that as you approach the speed of light your Newtonian physics goes out the window — you get effects like time dilation. We are living in a relativistic world: how did twenty years — or four years — or one year — go by so fast?

So I’ve been following folks I generally know in real life — Ben and Sarah and then the Earls — like living Christmas letters, finding out fun adventures and exciting news. I’ve also tried to keep up with friends known only online — Junior, Doug, Darla, and Jen — who regale me with tales and coincidences. Our lives intersect in neat patterns. As much as I overshare they offer unique insights on similar situations I’ve been through and am about to embark on. On New Year you’re supposed to visit your relatives and wish everyone well for the coming year. It’s no substitute, throwing links around, but it’s a start, and that’s a good way to kick it off.



Crushes (man, how unexciting am I)

5 November 2006

This is my favorite post in the series, and actually had names embedded in the HTML comments. J-, you’re on here too, and I don’t think you ever really left, to be honest.


I moved to a different elementary school fairly early on and achieved some of my most visible academic achievements there (“Student is a joy to have in class,” comment code #12, I think). I remember thinking that my second grade teacher was dazzlingly beautiful and pitied the kids in the other second grade for having such a drab teacher. A few years later I had a series of crushes, and I didn’t really know what was going on until about the third or fourth one — before, I just found that I couldn’t look that person in the face before having to turn away, dazzled by glory and beauty and wisdom and the great headiness of keeping an open secret. I decided that the world and I could get along, the way things were going. I wouldn’t feel that way again until my third year of college.