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Big Move

21 October 2011

Dear J-

So as part of the absurdly lpremature plan to move I did a teeny bit of research on the real estate situation in Urbana; assuming that we sell the house for close to what we paid we shouldn’t have a problem getting into one of the older neighborhoods if we wanted. Well, I suppose that as it is we’re in an older neighborhood but what I mean is we can actually get into one of the desireable neighborhoods, school-wise. That might be the way to go, as ideally, theVet would get into the program and I could get a job nearby (one of the first things I researched was the proximity to a nuclear plant) and life would be good, right? Good schools, quiet town, good jobs.

It has enflamed me, though; I keep wondering if going back to school might be an option for both of us. Granted there’s no more useful degrees for me to get in engineering (the PhD would serve only to make me unmarektable as far as a private job goes, and I’m not sure that I have enough time to start teaching and be able to retire) and I don’t think that they’d want to have the impatient me running a lab or teaching kids. Still, though, the passion that theVet speaks about changing our lives has. Fallen off a bit in the past week as it’s been difficult to get any information about their residency program, and she’s left with more questions than answers aside from what’s stated (three year commitment, applications due in January or July).

I like to think the long game even when it may not be appropriate: then what? What comes next? After three years do we head back to San Diego? Somewhere in California? Is this the sort of job that would be portable enough to take anywhere you want? Do we stay in the midwest? I guess really the first question to ask is if she really wants this, and I believe she does but is getting frustrated with the lack of answers and intimidated by the thought of moving everything, but you have to take everything one bite at a time: it is hard, it would be hard to move but it can be done, and the kids are at an age where they’re flexible enough to go anywhere, though that window may be shrinking.