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Zoo Peeve

20 June 2009

Dear J-

I try not to, but sometimes the judgmental side of me pops up:  folks at the zoo, camera lens manufacturers gave you a hood for a reason, stop leaving them reversed on the lens for storage.  Oh, and take off the lens cap while you’re at it — it’s not like there’s front-element-smearing gremlins who run around smudging your lenses when you’re holding the camera.  If you’re going to invest in huge lenses and fancy cameras, also, that doesn’t give you the instant pass to jostle your way to the front of the crowd — wait your turn, or buy an even fancier lens so that you can stand back a little further.  Etiquette.  The animals aren’t going anywhere (or if they are, they’ll be back).  You’re not looking to publish for profit (that violates the ticket agreement — you did read the ticket agreement, didn’t you?), so chill out; it’s the zoo.  Maybe that kid behind you would get a bigger kick out of seeing the tiger than you will once you bring the picture home and chortle over it with glee.

Various dreams of justice make the rounds in the empty attic upstairs I try to call a mind, but if I don’t take action, am I just as culpable as them?  Besides which, zoo photographs tend towards a certain sameness; sort of like shooting farmed fish — in a barrel — with a howitzer.