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Mobile Type 2.0

16 March 2010

Dear J-

Call it the need to needlessly complicate: instead of just getting something that would work without a lot of fuss, I’m going to try a GPS solution employing a secondary receiver and an existing device, namely the Nokia N800 I’ve been writing this blog on for the last few months. The N800 is as from from the iPhone/iPod Touch as you can imagine two different touch-driven handhelds; whereas the iPhone exists in its own bubble, with focussed applications that work and work well, its potential hasn’t been truly unlocked: Bluetooth, but no HID stack that would let you type on an external keyboard; no camera on the Touch, no GPS without stepping up to the IPhone. With that said, it addresses 90% of what I need and I use it accordingly.

The N800 has a relatively byzantine method of turning on Bluetooth, but it works reasonably well (there is the occasional extra letter or long repeat, but compared to the laggy mess that I dealt with on the Treo, light-years better with a keyboard). Options are buried in menus; there is a full-blown console if you want or need and yet bugs persist. Turn off the Bluetooth keyboard and the on-screen keyboard refuses to return; sometimes the devices won’t pair or, despite pairing, no keys are read. For me, it’s annoying to go through three windows to connect; there should be a dedicated button, or at least a toolbar option list.

All in all, though, I think this is pretty reasonable; card slots mean that it’s entirely possible to use a real camera if I go on the road, and the machine is able to multitask, even if my poor brain is only able to take care of one thing at a time. Maemo WordPy is a better solution than anything that was on Palm OS5, and the lack of a hardware keyboard is outweighed by the ability to take full-size SD cards, instead of the goofy miniSDs of the N810. It’s still smaller than a netbook, if necessarily more limited, but I can cruise through a week of writing without having to recharge, and that counts for the most in my book.



Custom Job

25 October 2008

Dear J-

I’m an unrepentant browser of, for lack of a better term, stuff I’ve already got, online. Whether it’s to check for better deals, looking for upgrades, or just salivating over something unusual (read that as “desirable”) chances are it’s flickered across my screen at some point. So, despite being my primary writing tool for the past six months, I’m starting to get interested in the Nokia E62/E61 twins (also apropos of nothing: who’s already frustrated with the new eBay search results/format?), as they promise better personal information management software, slicker interfaces, etc.

And yet the Palm OS, antiquated as it may be, still has tremendous software support, so that you can customize your handheld to do everything you need it to do; I have mine set up with a movie player (Lilo & Stitch, ripped from a DVD I own, and mostly just to say I can watch movies, not that I’ve made it past the first five minutes), an RPN calculator, and an eBook reader (the Baen CD-ROM library is a beautiful thing). Now all I need to do is find a version of David Ahl/Mike Mayfield’s Star Trek game and I’ll be in heaven.