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Medal of Honor

25 July 2009

Dear J-

We’re starting something a little different on Saturdays — instead of staying home and melting with boredom, missed chores, and overindulgent TV watching, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the various passes we’ve purchased over the past few months. Last week, Sea World; this week, the Zoo. Both times, I’ve eschewed stroller and backpack (both of which I never seem to have any luck with lately, anyway) in favor of arms and a shoulder bag.

Let’s just say that both figgy and I have had no trouble sleeping on Saturdays. It makes me try to recall how I spent my weekends growing up; I wonder if there are (as indeed there are) errands and home improvements to be wrought; I wonder if we’re setting the bar high for all weekends to come. I only have to remind myself that it’s going to be all too soon before she chooses to be seen without us, that no one ever says they regret not spending more time at work.

Honor Roll 4793 -sm

The aches at the end of the day I wear like badges and medals. Good fun decoration. Happy memory citation. Sights seen and exclaimed over; beyond the little frustrations of the past, the overwhelming feeling is of deep accomplishment. We’ll carry those together past the limits of muscle fatigue and the failure of patience; we’ve built the future again.