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New Balance

14 December 2009

Dear J-

When did it become so easy to procrastinate away the days? It seemed like it was just Thanksgiving and, having decided that we’ll have Christmas at our disaster of a house this year, I had resolved silently to surprise them all: clean up the common areas, set up some kind of organization/storage beyond the usual bookshelves and any-available-horizontal-surface scheme we currently use. Truth is that it’s too easy: to put it off another night (man, that day, no matter which day it was, sure was a long one), to acquire more stuff — amazon’s persistent cart is the work of an evil genius.

I also have the resolution to make up some kind of a play kitchen, which should keep the next ten nights and days fairly busy between getting more parts; theVet has threatened to head out to get a store-bought one, too. It’s a sure sign of progress, I suppose, when you can’t even bring price into the equation; now I’m pretty much stuck with the it-would-be-more-fun to do it yourself excuse.

Small household projects pile up, some as simple as hanging more lights, some as ambitious as getting a new roof sometime next summer. You balance convenience with time; if it would be possible to get figgy to help (safely) ideally we’d get to do all kinds of projects together, but as it is there’s more fun on both sides to see new things and places, which means letting other things slide. That’s fine; we’ll find a new balance as those things come up.