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Easy Going

8 April 2011


Dear J-

The rain came overnight and threatens throughout the day today, though at the moment it’s now clearing and going by gut feel (it helps to have an enormous gut like me) I’d guess that it’ll hold off for at least a couple of hours. All that’s saying, long-windedly, is that I could have ridden on the bike this morning but my life with the bike has reached a fever pitch of discontent already and I’m looking for a change. Well, in addition to that, I wanted to finish up the novel I was reading last night, one in the Gregor the Overlander series. The reading I not terribly challenging but the action is good and the philosophical thought behind it fairly deep, neither browbeating some moral lesson nor mindlessly repeating an overly simplistic view of the world.

The world is like that some times. If you keep looking for a simple, one-sided solution to your problrms you’re probably introducing a much larger burden on other people without realizing it. And if the intentions are good, well, you know what they say about roads to hell. I have the fairly unique luxury of being able to afford pretty much what we might want within reason — there are no Benzes in our future — but fairly nice stuff and the way the days pass I’m able to get plenty of rest without much consequence, getting up in the middle of the night maybe once to tote figgy over to the potty. I realize the work theVet does in keeping the family glued together; I’m under no illusions that there is a magic coujnter that bulky trash miraculously disappears from, the cats do not clean their own box, the baby does not feed himself, and figgy does not walk to daycare on her own. My life is easy and we fall into habits of taking that for granted too easily I think.

From Monday through Friday there’s a curious evolution in the urgency of doing things at work followed by an attendant rise in stress which ebbs with the tide, if you will, of work to be done. You want me to do something for you, you call me on Monday and it’ll be done. You want me to ignore you fiercely and give you the evil eye when I get back to my desk, you go right ahead and drop that on me on a Friday. Such is the lament of the ever-procrastinating, so spend a little of that good energy earlier in the week and make the most out of your time. Why wait? If you need a sense of urgency to get it done then by all means think about how much easier you’ll make the end of the week.