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Three Days

8 November 2009

Dear J-

The more unwieldy the camera, the fewer pictures I end up taking; today more true than ever, as I spent three hours hauling figgy around the canyons of the Zoo for the second day (as well as I know some paths, I’m still pretty weak on the geography surrounding the gorilla and aviaries — I managed to hit both today, but I’m not completely sure how), this time geared out to the teeth with lenses that stayed safely tucked away. It’s not a question of putting her down and leaving her to her own devices any more; she is as likely to slip through the barriers as to wander away now.

She keeps changing the rules as we go; while yesterday there was no nap, today I let her sleep in the car after coming home, but she woke up after half an hour — inconsolably tired — and after asking her what she wanted for lunch (nap! NAP!), she resumed the nap after the lucid intermission and I never got quite untracked from that. I tried to get her interested in other activities — she helped me pick up leaves on Friday, but not today. Instead with the blankets unrolled, she crawled in compliantly and crashed down for a couple of hours; perhaps the illness passes in decreasing cycles.

Ibis Help 3474 -sm

Try it this way, then: how can seventy-two hours leave me so exhausted, and with a figgy that isn’t at 100% energy? I withdraw into sullen silence as the days wear on, but subtlety is lost on a toddler; I’d hoped to be past my impatience by now, but I’m still stuck in the same frustration loop as ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Is it something buried in your genetics, or is it a behavior I can change?