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Young Plumage

19 September 2009

Dear J-

Yesterday the big news was that after weeks of what seems like utter fruitlessness, figgy used the potty. Granted, it was more like an accident (take the diaper off and sooner or later you’ll see what happens) that happily coincided with a time she was willing to sit on the pot as we read to her. I’m not going to claim any particular method worked (this is the one milestone that no one seems to agree on except that there’s no way to force it), or that we’ll have much continued success in the future, but maybe we can build from here, right? It seems like it should be intuitive, but you try explaining the importance of potty training to a two-year-old.

Juvenile Pin 1766 -sm

As we pass these milestones, though, I’m reminded that increasingly, there’s a small person in the house now. She’s probably going to make the jump from crib to bed before much longer now, which probably isn’t the most fortuitous timing (bedtime is already a bit of a struggle, and if she’s able to get out and run around, we make ourselves vulnerable to interrupted evenings). Every time I turn around, it seems that things are that much closer to grown up; when you walk through the gates at the Zoo the first thing you see is the flamingo pond, and those juvenile chicks we saw this spring are now adult in form but not color. So it goes; I say to theVet sometimes how figgy seems to be skinny-ing out, but it’s not just the next size up and steadier feet. Three people now, and the road ahead just keeps brightening up.