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Consumer’s Report

21 April 2011


Dear J-

I keep finding little excuses to justify expenses that I really can’t otherwise fathom. Not enough money now? No interest if paid in full within six months. Free shipping. No tax. All coupled with a reasonable price makes for a long night thinking aout how long I could camp out on the couch while begging forgiveness. It’s not going to happen. I don’t actually need a new lens except to awe and intimdate other people at amusement parks. Perhaps it’s all really just triggered by going to the Zoo, which features armchair safari buffs who otherwise would have no excuse to haul out the heavy artillery (like myself). And it never seems to stop just there, after all: once I swear this is the last there’s another one I seem to need.

I tell myself that it’s down to two lenses now and then my collection would be complete. I think back to the lenses I own for Nikon and figure what I might need to duplicate that particular range — 15mm to 600mm with a full-frame fisheye somewhere in there — and figure that I not only already have most of those, I stopped carrying the system around because I never quite seemed to bring the right lens along: unless you have the stomach to carry multiple bodies and pounds of lenses you’re always going to be spoilt for choice. Sometimes more is just more, and the choices you make reflect that. Yes, you could get those hyper-expensive lenses but when the system I bought into will cover 24mm to 400mm (equivalent) in two moderately expensive lenses instead, why not go after that choice and carry that around all the time?

Convenience trumps that last five per cent of image quality, and someone supposedly on a budget should maximize the bang for your buck. Instead I keep thinking that maybe I should get things now that the system feels like it’s beginning to end and as opportunities present themselves they keep disappearing forever. The reasonable part of me disappears instead and I fall under the consumer-iffic spell of more more more. We march in time with trends and listen to only what agrees with what you want to make sense. Before I spend more than I plan on spending for a new computer for a lens it helps to write it out to understand just how crazy it sounds.