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Next Friday

29 September 2011

Dear J-

We’re giong on vacation again tomorrow and I’m interested to see how figgy deals with it tonight. If the past is any indication of the future we’ll be packing and moving stuff into the car at the same time that she keeps popping out of bed, too wired and excited about the trip to sleep and too exhausted to venture much further. At this point we’ve only taken the one trip with Calcifer so he has no idea what’s in store except that he’s going to be strapped to the seat for a few hours and that’s going to make him crabby during, but at least he won’t have any anticipation of the trip. We’ve tried to keep it quiet so figgy doesn’t ramp up but she’s been telling the other kids at daycare so that particular secret is out of the bag.

In fact every other line on Tuesday must have been about the trip, since the teachers all came up to me and said that she’d been talking about the trip all day. I understand her obsessive nature, as I see it in myself, but this forward kid who’s not afraid to let her emotions out bare is someone I don’t recognize. Last night was a bit of a struggle, as lack of sleep made us both crabby: the less inclined she was to do something the stricter I got and instead of bending gracefully we both snapped. I’d take stuff away for crying, which made the crying worse, but there I was trying to make a point and … y’know what, after the night’s sleep it seems so petty and ill-advised given that neither of us is taking any lessons away from that. You want to make the point that crying isn’t going to garner the sympathy that it did when you were four months old but at the same time you have to pick your battles carefully.

I’m looking forward to getting enough sleep on this trip. Between a forced lack of connectivity (i.e. no Google Reader with its hours-long obligation to read me, read me, read me some more and no tumblr to consume the remaining scraps of free time) and the obligation as guests to conform to our host’s bedtimes, I think I’ll get more rest than I bargain for. Not a bad choice, certainly. Plus it’ll hopefully give me the strength to fight off this first achy cold of the season, which has felled three members of our family in quick succession (figgy, Calcifer, and now me). Drive on; I’ll see you tomorrow.



Cinema Nouveau

23 August 2008

Dear J-

You know how movies are aimed at the age group just below the characters depicted?  Sort of a sneak preview of the crazy kinds of fun you’d have if only you were a bit older; Real Genius must have put Caltech out of contention for a lot of kids in high school, The Breakfast Club made middle schoolers swoon with the choices of which clique to belong to, and even such fare as Hannah Montana is enough to get the elementary school kids organized to conduct inter-parental warfare to obtain tickets.

The reason it appeals less to the actual age group, I think, is because you fill your head with all these wonderful things that could be, but then you become and reality isn’t nearly as exciting, or wacky, or hi-jinky.  It’s amusing, but then you leave the theater and your life just seems that much more drab in comparison.  Sort of like realizing that instead of laying out nearly two hundred large on a new Bentley Continental Flying Spur, most of the mechanical bits and platform can be yours for one-tenth the price when you pick up a used Volkswagen Phaeton.  We drive Bentleys in our movie lives, and settle for Vee-Dubs in reality.  To be honest, are you certain you need a car that barely cracks double digit fuel economy in the city?

All that boils down to this:  we’re reaching the age where Hollywood doesn’t have much left to offer in terms of age-plus movies.  We’re at the Harold and Kumar and Pretty Woman and Knocked Up stage in our lives, and the only thing to look forward to now is fare like My Big Fat Heart Attack and Rectal Digital Exam, neither of which is likely to appear at your local metroplex soon.  Blame it on youth, but I’m beginning to understand why all those Baby Boomers seem crabby about getting older.  Your head’s as young as you think, but the frailties of the physique betray you in an instant.