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Special Monday

30 May 2011


Dear J-

I could have gone in to work today, pulled down double time (holiday and regular time at least) and done something that would be no doubt as pointless as any of the work I feel like I’ve been doing lately. I would have spent probably two hours on the road on top of whatever hours I sank into work, spent roughly ten bucks on gas, but I would have come out a few hundred dollars ahead and you never know what will happen, that would have been something to feather the nest with, sock away against a rainy day. We could have treated it just like any other Monday and not said anything different.

I took the time off. I won’t apologize for spending a few extra days off doing the mundane work of Mondays with family, grocery shopping and finding entertainment for kids and parents alike. This is a side of life I don’t often glimpse, spending time and money in unexpected treats and places, the regimented routine immediately disturbed just by the unexpected fact that dad is around and watching. What’s better is knowing how nice it turned out to be today, and how you would have otherwise spent it inside away from the daylight apart from everything you believe in while slaving away for a few bucks more.

They say that time is money and maybe five years ago before kids I would have thought why not and gone in anyway. I need to get up early most days anyway and I might as well stay on the regular five-a-week right? There is a lot of truth to that old aphorism but they don’t tell you what you can buy with those bucks: memories, days, dreams, delights, desserts. Drive slowly enough and you’ll find more delights than you’d believe possible.



Rest Stop

26 October 2009

Dear J-

We wandered around the zoo today like two zombies and a relentless automaton; where she’d be running back and forth, we’d be seeking the nearest shady bench to watch her.  Neither of the supposed adults got much sleep last night, between distractions at home and work; me, I came back to browse eBay for a while (because I could, not because I need anything in particular except perhaps another package in the mail to make sure that I’m still around) and the day dawned bright and altogether shockingly quickly.  All I could think about, in fact, was finding the nearest place to set her down, or mentally calculating how quickly we could get home and take a nap.

Out Cold 3112 -sm

I’ve started napping during our afternoon movies, in fact; it’s not kosher, and it’s not ideal, but there just isn’t enough time in the day otherwise.  This morning, coming back from work I used the right pedal to manufacture time.  I know the risks; I know my limits, I know how far and why I work where I do, but the math isn’t making a ton of sense lately.  I keep hearing the whispers and broken promises of next month and next time, but somehow I keep buying in and believing.