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Day 01: Who Are You?

22 March 2010

Dear J-

What did we learn today? Well, just lately, that I’m no match for the teeny little 3-mile hike around the grounds here; I managed to bring along a tripod that had no real value added, and what’s more, I used said tripod to help smash my camera into the ground, breaking a lens in the process. Sooner or later the ache in my feet will quiet to the point where I can think about heading down for dinner. Secondly, that there is literally no service here for anyone that’s not on Verizon — it may be helpful to get a prepaid phone just for the week if you like to, say, hear your family once in a while. The actual work of the day was devoted to examining your personality type (Briggs-Myers) and then teasing meaning from those four letters.

I am INFP, which corresponds to introverted (vice extroverted), intuitive (vice systematic), feeling (vice thinking), and perceiving (vice judging). The traits are just as the assessment predicts: saying that I tend to withdraw when faced with difficulty, and I tend towards idealism and loyalty. Yes, this day did nothing to dispel the notion that we’d spend a lot of time talking about our feelings this week, but I also have to remember that it was a day that wasn’t spent out here last time this class went through — the real meat is supposed to come out tomorrow.

Hopefully I haven’t managed to screw myself up by spending too much time out on the trail today. We are as yet a fairly new crew: no fights, no satori moments of creativity. Time will tell if that’s enough to get us through this week; based on what I’ve seen so far (one day, remember) we have yet to be truly challenged. Yes, should be fun, and I’m getting more used to the idea of pulling on a leadership mantle, whether immediate or eventual. The valuable lesson today: while you may not fit neatly into one of the sixteen little boxes of Briggs-Myers, your personality may be adequately prescribed and predicted by one. It’s not to say that you’re predictable — just that we all need to figure out what works best for each of us.