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30 June 2009

Dear J-

If you want to count it as such, this is also the twentieth (!) anniversary of me starting a journal for my time in high school — what started out as a document chronicling our misadventures trying to retrieve a fifty-cent boomerang using forty-dollar shoes (we never did get boomerang or either pair of shoes back).  I’ll leave it as a trivial footnote and as an excuse for another useless entry linking to random thoughts.

WALL-E is one of the movies receiving regular rotation lately; as a devotee of Rotten Tomatoes and the internet in general, I like to seek out opinions contrary to mine (I happen to love it) to try and understand those poor, misguided souls who disagree with me.  There’s not a ton of contrary opinion, but most of the criticism centers on the anti-humanity aspects — the robot love story, the degraded blobs in hoverchairs — and I can’t say I disagree with them entirely.  Although it’s hard to identify with robots and the ridiculously lazy humans, you either find it grating and precious or charming and unique.  I am in the charmed camp, but I understand why folks are turned off by the anthropomorphized automata — we run into our good friend the uncanny valley again, only with different thresholds for different folks (I wonder what they thought of Robots).

Another random thought:  growing up, Public Enemy had a couplet that went “Elvis — was a hero to most / But he never meant (crap) to me,” something I’ve been thinking about in the wake of the news about Michael Jackson last Friday.  Again, it depends on which side you want to play up — the musical innovator, or the drug-addled wreck of later years (take your choice, MJ or Elvis, both Kings in their own right), but you can’t separate those two sides.  Both were integral to making them the men they were; if they had worked less, would we still be talking about them today, or would they still be amongst us, not dragged down by those self-destructive tendencies?  Does the success fuel destruction, or just enable their means?  I’ll have to talk more about it later.

Finally, I wanted to share Jeffrey’s blog, which I ran across while looking for an online EXIF viewer (I saw some nice photographs and like the equipment whore I am, wanted to know what lens was used), in particular these two recent entries on a theme park where kids can play at grown-up jobs.  If you recall, one of the highlights of our trip to Palm Springs last October was watching figgy go through the play grocery store in the CDMoD — you could see the fascination in her determined shopping-for-the-apocalypse (milk!  potatoes!) — but to set up a whole theme park for that is sheer brilliance.