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Time Slips

6 September 2011

Dear J-

One of the things I keep telling myself is later: we’ll get to travel a whole bunch. Later. I’ll save up for that big trip. We’ll get used to it. What else have you put off in favor of later? It always seems like there’s enough time to do what you want right now but those few minutes of each day add up and before you know it you’re looking at the wrong end of bedtime, or your kid is already four and you wonder what happened while you were watching TV or reading the news instead of talking during dinner, making light conversation and expressing the right pleasantries instead. Just thinking about it brings me to the edge of panic in a way that hasn’t happened since trying to calculate what grades I’m destined for halfway through the semester (that means if I score 100% on every test from here on out … I’m still going to fail).

There is a surprisingly large amount of things we can put off in our lives. We will run short on everything eventually, though, whether money or gasoline or time, and you don’t want to be the person saying that you wish you’d taken the time to do this or that instead of killing time somehow. This last month, when I haven’t had a chance to write on the van in the mornings (as the backup driver, I try to help out where I can and it’s really rather difficult to drive and write at the same time) brings the point home to me: there’s not always enough time in the day to do everything, pick what you want to delay.

For much of the month I’ve been telling stories to figgy. It’s part of our bedtime routine now: bath, brush teeth, some books (three shall be the number, two being employed when I am too tired to think and four being RIGHT OUT), then theVet will come in to sing songs (have you heard me sing? It’s a wonder the birds don’t fall out of the trees, stone-deaf), and finally I go back in lately to make up stories with her favorite characters (Madeline or a Disney Princess or one of her stuffed toys). I’ve cut the story short at times for no good reason other than that I’m in the middle of something else and I want to get back to it. The trick to effective time management is the concept of be here now: the more of you that’s devoted to the task at hand, the faster it gets done (or at least more satisfyingly) and you’ll be better off in the end knowing you did a good job instead of rushing through it in favor of something silly.