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Sequential Story

18 July 2009

Dear J-

The end of the story is that we all had a good time, and everything turned out as we expected. figgy continues to sleep like someone exhausted, and we’re out a substantial sum of cash between the babysitter and gift, but it’s been a fun day for everyone. Yet I continue to bore you with details and conclusions instead of saying why.

We had a wedding to attend — the veterinary clinic’s office manager — so the whole day was spent in preparation and anticipation; such is life with figgy. Where once we would have just picked up and gone on a moment’s notice, we had to arrange a sitter (one of the nice ladies from daycare) weeks in advance, then do the chores madly in the morning, hoping to eke out a few hours at SeaWorld in order to tire figgy out so she’d be pliable enough for the baby sitter. After lunch we all (all the adults in the house, that is) fell into a trance/coma, then madly scrambled to get ready before the sitter came at five (yet another near thing, as we were both essentially undressed when Bean announced our visitor).

Behind the Scenes 4720 -sm

We spent most of the night hoping that we wouldn’t come home to a frazzled baby and sitter; much like when she first went to day care, we needn’t have worried. We’re lucky that we’ve got a tractable baby and an experienced sitter; it all feels a little suspiciously easy, if you ask me, but just like how high school movies didn’t prepare me for that experience, I suppose neither would parenthood one.



Cousin Talk

19 October 2008

Dear J-

Mike:  So, you need to tell me more about this movie.

Field:  Well, that’s it.

MIke:  What happens after the living banana turns into a statue?

Field:  No, that’s it!  That’s the end.

We have both kids tonight; it’s amazing to think of the changes that happen over these first few years.  figgy’s cousin is a bare three years older and the independence is remarkable; from picking out her own clothes to charming us with her stories.  Today we went up on the tram to Mt. San Jacinto, and all I can think of is how useful a child under her own locomotion (I got to pack her around in a backpack) would be.

I know, these days are ending soon enough; it’s enough to relax and treasure the non-verbal clues she does feed us.  Yet there’s a few situations where it would be helpful to have her explain to us what’s going on, rather than having her fuss every ten minutes.  But is it really easier given the art of deception and excuses that follows verbal skills.