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Christmas 2008

25 December 2008

Dear J-

Thanks to late updates and geographic locations, I’m going to be one of the last people to wish a Merry Christmas to folks tonight.  It’s been a fun one for us, as figgy grows ever more aware that being allowed — even encouraged — to rip open presents today is something not quite normal, and the bounty of loud stuff in bright packages is definitely extraordinary.  Despite inflicting strangers and a sleep-depriving schedule on her today, she’s held up remarkably well and, after sufficient time, has warmed up to all the crazy folks she has in her life.


I hope your Merry Christmas has brought all the faces important to you back into your life.  I hope your Merry Christmas has let you set aside the mask you wear for a day and upon letting your hair down, you choose to keep it down tomorrow and tomorrow.  I hope your Merry Christmas brings more acceptance and keeps turning down the intolerance and prejudgement bit by bit.  We all still have so much to learn.