J-s of the World

Who/what is J-?

J- could be:

  1. Journal – based on the Henry Reed series of books, I kept a daily journal from 1989-2000, off and on before that (mostly listing Star Trek episodes I’d seen that day).
  2. Joren L. – still like a second brother I happened to meet when I was eighteen.
  3. Javier T. – so many falafels, so little complaint, so brilliant!
  4. Jael G. – that wise guy, keeps you laughing and thinking
  5. Jodi T.kept keeps me sane and level
  6. Jo P. – teaches me to dream about the everyday wonders
  7. Jennifer F. – has it been twenty years since that first crush?
  8. Jugend – aren’t we all youths?

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