What’s Mike?

Mike Liu occasionally enjoys defining himself through differentiation from other Michael Lius encountered on Google. Of course, the fact that he’s both willing to talk about himself in the third person and look himself up on Google should tell you enough about his relentless narcissism (“Ain’t I grand?” — he walked by and told me to say that. Of course since I’m having the conversation in my head … well, let’s not tread that creaky board, hearing voices in my head.  I mean his head.  I mean …) and probing, stalking nature.

As of today … hmm, Michael Liu number one is an astronomer at the University of Hawaii. Well, this one wears glasses, too, and also went to Berkeley, but wasn’t smart enough to end up in Hawaii. This current Liu manor in San Diego comprises Mike and theVet, along with the other four known mammals inhabiting the three-bedroom estate, two dogs and two cats (one of whom was raised with the dogs and therefore hates the other cat). Oh, and the baby on the way, he just needs to steal think of a snappy nickname for her.

Let’s bring out contestant number two … well, he went to Stanford, just like you and your brother, J-, and came from Hawaii, but seems to be far wealthier as an ex-government official now employed in private consulting than this wretched Mike. This one works at a nuclear power plant, carefully shepherding wayward and orphan parts in an effort to make sure no one gets lost. The glamour! The excitement! The … paperwork …

On to the third choice, then. Well, really, besides San Diego Mike having visited Canada early and often, there’s not a whole lot of overlap. One major influence on SD-Mike’s early life was his parents’ grocery store — growing up near Spokane meant a dearth of ethnic influences through sheer lack of population. However, since they owned the best-stocked Asian foods market east of the Cascades, there would be a steady stream of people looking for unusual items (lumping both pig’s blood and kazunoko kombu in this category). It was also in east-central Spokane, at the foot of the South Hill neighborhood, which meant a steady stream of people looking for beer and cigarettes (which is where Mike learned his recipe for Kool-Aid (R) and Thunderbird).


“Mr. T? It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a big fan of your work.”

Ah, this Mike is still number four, based on earlier works done regarding the Nikon F and F2. Photography has been integral to this Mike ever since his brother picked up a 110 camera for his birthday. Yes, one older brother, which has now led to one nephew and one niece. The first real camera Mike got was an ancient Nikon F with 50mm f/1.4 for US $300. That camera was later lost in an unfortunate “gee, doesn’t this titanium shutter curtain feel bumpy” accident, but its legacy lives on in mindless equipment lust (he wants to get a Leica just so he can fit a Biogon on it … crazy) and his flickr site.

Ostensibly, we could stop with four, since we’ve now found Mike and his history, but continuing on to five is necessary to the author. Well, his updates are as infrequent and esoteric as this blog’s. Plus he dresses better and keeps his hair longer. As an interesting aside, San Diego Mike’s hair used to be long past his shoulders for much of his undergraduate life, until one night, fed up with the maintenance, he shaved it all down to the skin. Now he keeps his hair short (really, mowed) with the assistance of electric clippers.

Everyone knows that six is the magic number, but it happens to be this Mike’s favorite number for reasons unknown. San Jose Michael is a DJ with tastes in music that do not generally mirror SD Mike’s. However, music is important to this one, mainly through envy (his friend, Charlie, has more musical talent in one fingernail than … bla bla bla) and enjoyment. Someday, he will drag the piano out of the garage partly to horrify theVet and partly believing it to be more socially acceptable than accordion lessons.


3 Responses to “What’s Mike?”

  1. Paul Liu Says:

    Hey Mike,
    By complete fault of my own, I’ve accidentally deleted and expunged the email that you sent me so I don’t have your address. Send me your address again and I’ll fill you in on my goings on.
    Been reading your blog–very belated congrats on your wedding to theVet and on figgy.
    More soon, I just got married last week, so getting back to my email now.

  2. James Johnson Says:

    Enjoyed reading the stories about your brother and Legos a few days back and how the word “blog” can be a 4 letter word in media circles…. (wait aren’t the big fancy newspapers going bankrupt?). Anyway, I have a friend over at Designer Plumbing interested in acquiring a link under your “occasional” category in your right nav. He could pay you $50 for the trouble. Look forward to hearing back from you. Let me know if you’re interested either way.


  3. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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