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First Timers

15 March 2018

Dear J—

Tuesday morning as I was preparing myself to grind the scale off a pipe weld for the first time I had to psych myself up to make sure I didn’t run away screaming (how else would you react to something you were uniquely unqualified to do? Besides which, there were several other items I should have been doing at the time but wasn’t because I was there, twenty feet up on a scaffold with little training and less confidence.)

  • There’s no place I’d rather be than here.
  • There’s no life I’d rather have than my own.
  • There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this.

It worked. I have a lot less confidence than for the rest of my days this week, but at least I got through the scary unknowns and that’s how I’ll handle the rest of my week. We can do this. We can help.