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27 March 2018

Dear J—

Mistakes … I’ve made a few (more than my share) which sounds like the start of a bad set of lyrics in any language, I suppose. Let us join hands and learn from them: that is my reply. Why would you think anything other than that? That’s what’s important and that’s what drives us to learn from failures. Edison (who by all accounts was a petty, nasty man) said (in paraphrase) that he hadn’t failed 9,999 times before finding out how to make a lightbulb, he just had found 9,999 ways not to do it. We need to be able to learn what to do next time, that’s what is important.



First Timers

15 March 2018

Dear J—

Tuesday morning as I was preparing myself to grind the scale off a pipe weld for the first time I had to psych myself up to make sure I didn’t run away screaming (how else would you react to something you were uniquely unqualified to do? Besides which, there were several other items I should have been doing at the time but wasn’t because I was there, twenty feet up on a scaffold with little training and less confidence.)

  • There’s no place I’d rather be than here.
  • There’s no life I’d rather have than my own.
  • There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this.

It worked. I have a lot less confidence than for the rest of my days this week, but at least I got through the scary unknowns and that’s how I’ll handle the rest of my week. We can do this. We can help.



6 March 2018

Dear J—

Well, there is a collision of things next week: I’m supposed to drive out to Martinez at some point, and I have to participate in an internal audit, and … there are too many things, is all I’m saying. One of the things I never wanted to do was have to apologize for being too busy, or having a family, or not being able to pay enough attention to everyone and everything and now guess what?

I can’t do all of it next week. I have to say no to some things. I will figure this out. I don’t want to, or I feel like I can’t, but I can figure out how to make it work best for me and my family, and then I’ll act accordingly. It has been six weeks since I said I would get everything done and now, one week into March? It’s so easy to procrastinate, isn’t it?