Days Off

Dear J—

Different conducting crews have their own style; the crew we had before on 102 would walk up and down the train together, chatting and recognizing passengers as we passed through, and now, there’s just the one guy – who I do recognize – but the other one, who handles the announcements, is as anonymous as any other voice on the train.

It’s also ridership survey time, as I see the contractors there at the doorway, making marks for when I get on and off the train. I suspect it will be a fairly high count this year, as the weather is mild and ridership has not suffered from the rain (what rain, right?) this year.

Once again I have failed in my quest to ride the special celebration train on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – it’s a ten-car consist hauled up from San Jose, stopping at Palo Alto and San Mateo on the way to San Francisco to participate in a march and activities. It sounds like fun to me, but I suppose it sounds like education to the kids, who have their own suspicions about it. Perhaps I can convince them to go with me to the New Year parade in February, but that’s probably a hard sell as well. These long weekends with no activity are starting to wear on me.



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