Simple Questions

Dear J—

They are all simple questions, this last working day of the year:

  • Do I want to be here?
  • Do I have to be here?

The answer to both is no, at least for now. I’m going in mainly to retrieve my computer and a few documents, but also to figure out what else I might be able to finish before the end of the year. A profile view of the gantry crane at Hunters Point doesn’t count, I think, nor does the idea that I should somehow insert a bow view of HMS Dreadnought (which didn’t survive to 1947, c’mon) help. No, there are a few simple things to finish up and then be done with this year, be done with this 2017 and feel satisfied about it.

Unfortunately my ambition does not match my means, and so I have roughly a thousand different thoughts in my head about what I need to do (I have a master list at work, thankfully) and none of them match up, I think.

I should have taken today off, honestly.



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