In Among the Outs

Dear J—

We had such a boat of food yesterday; it literally arrived in one of those large sushi party boats which they typically use for … well, I dunno; when would you ever serve that many people that much food, and why would you? I mention this because it felt like we hardly left much of a dent in it, meaning the three trays of leftovers we brought home were significant and I’m still tasting it this morning, a giant bonus of meat and very little veg sitting in my gut like a cannonball.

I eat like this when I see my parents, and I’m going there again this morning to seek them out for a few more signatures. And then lunch, and then home, with any luck. And I’m still not done with a good portion of the work I swore I would get done by the end of the year, which upsets me to no end and no real fruition, either. Get Over It. Do what I can, when I can do it, and the rest will follow.



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