Dear J—

Last week was a pretty bad one, as far as biking went: two Fridays ago, I had the flat tire after going up to San Bruno (I can tell you exactly where and when it happened, too: on the turnoff from El Camino to San Mateo Avenue, they have these steel plates down and apparently loose nails too: beware) and then last Wednesday I hit the chunk of pavement and wiped out on Central Expressway. The next morning I stopped and threw some of the chunks over to the side of the road so no one else would do the same. Finally, last Friday I got another flat coming in to Sunnyvale.

As far as the bike goes, I had to fix the rear tube (the patch appears fine; it’s the intrados of the tube that seems to have gotten holed last time) and the stem needed to be tweaked, which meant the brake tension went all wrong. Spending any amount of time tuning the bike, though, means putting up with questions of its ultimate reliability, and for the most part, this frankenbike has been pretty solid, with only a few things here and there. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first flat I’ve gotten, proving the wisdom of expensively thick tires with flat resistance. I haven’t sent myself over the handlebars lately. My finger feels a bit achy but I can see my knuckles again. Yeah, this works.



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