Dear J—

On the train this morning and thinking about how there’s a lot of motion between Burlingame and San Mateo: the phrase comes to mind, “bounce in the belly” and I have no idea from where or why. Bounce in the belly. Pleasant words that leave your mouth roundly and with a smile on your lips, but what it really means is it’s another one of these cars that may be worn out and tired. Many of these gallery cars are better than thirty years old and other rail fans have noted that when California ordered them, they were a lot rougher-riding than the old ones were, and I suppose that hasn’t changed since 1985.

I also want to say this: I’m feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having to uproot my parents into a home, potentially. Where do I start? It feels like all the how-tos and what’s-next tell me I should have been doing something else, and when I pivot to those, they’re saying there are more prerequisites that I should have been doing all along. Am I nuts? It’s a more complicated process than I had initially thought, and I’m grateful for the advice, but need to seek a professional, I suspect.



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