The Etiquette

Dear J—

The public transportation service I ride the most – Caltrain – has published a flyer on etiquette that still pops up now and again in the racks next to the schedules and newsletters. It’s entitled “Caltrain Manners” and is a double-sided, 8-1/2″ x 11/3″ slightly stiff sheet that’s probably as snarky as possible without being actively rude, and is a remarkable milestone achievement in public snark. One of those is not to take up too much room – which I do end up doing in the mornings as I write, by putting my bag on the seat rather than on my lap – but that’s nothing compared to the guy next to me, who has managed the signature achievement of sprawling across an entire quad (bag, helmet, and coat, all taking up a separate seat although now that I’ve mentally sent him the evil eye, perhaps he has sensed that and consolidated his stuff).

I’m surprised by the number of Monday riders, but maybe that’s just the ambitious blown south by the winds that have swept into the region.



One Response to “The Etiquette”

  1. Shane Stringham Says:

    Very nice, thank you!

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