Dry Mood

Dear J—

After yesterday morning’s sprinkles, today is clear and cold, for the early bit of today that I get to experience, at least. Commercial power generation seems to be waning and I’m on my way to a job that one of my colleagues predicted won’t even exist in five years, but hey, flexibility and adaptation, am I right or what? The novel I’m reading – 4 3 2 1 (Paul Auster) is filled with laconic prose and sketches of how one character might fare in four different parallel universes, or alternate timelines, if you will. All of these conspire to put me into a wry sort of mood, or maybe that’s just the lack of sleep talking.

I should be getting more, and more often perhaps. Rely on the kindness of others who might wake me up on time, or not, or just find a better set of friends to let me rest. If I could just find a dark room to nap in …



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