Behind Otters

Dear J—

There ought to be (otter bee) a whole list of things I know I’m behind on in order to light a fire under me to get them done, but that list is already on the list, you know? It has been a busy weekend and I’m not sure I’ve gotten enough done to justify as busy as we were, but there you have it. Figgy had four performances in a musical theater production of The Pajama Game and the bulk of the weekend was revolving around getting her to and back from that. I took the prohibition on photography seriously this time and so there’s not much to be seen aside from the movie in my mind, and maybe that’s why what happened this weekend seemed intangible. Calciferol and I rode our extended bike out to an elementary school as part of his Cub Scout volunteer cleanup, spending an hour walking around and picking up trash. No pictures of that, either. Do we need to document every moment, or what’s considered good enough nowadays?



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