Dear J—

We’re in Maui for a grand total of maybe three hours last week before I hear someone calling out my daughter’s name – not a common name, mind you – and we turn around to see one of her oldest friends yelling and waving at us, each two thousand miles from home and somehow able to meet up on the second-largest island in Hawaii at the same shave ice stand. We knew they were going to be on Maui as well, but we didn’t know exactly when or where. It turns out they were staying about an hour away and were in the area just coincidentally for the day.

theVet told me it was a small island, and not such a big deal, but the more I thought about it, the more serendipitous it seemed, and finally, we convinced her how strange a coincidence it really was. This is our life, perhaps, a series of coincidences that become so commonplace you never realize how lucky we are.



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