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9 August 2017

Dear J—

I’m back, after to be expected and as scheduled, and the days spent in Minneapolis were not entirely fruitless, as can be evidenced by my expanded gut. Ribs, hamburgers, ice creams, chips. All eaten. All not strictly necessary. I’m going to have to start looking into this salad thing, though it mainly seems to be used as an excuse to jettison carbohydrates on the side. Do you remember the trend of carbo-loading before road races, and is that even still a thing?

While I was in Minneapolis I walked for nearly twenty miles, according to the fitness tracker I have which is of dubious reliability when the GPS isn’t engaged. You take the time to yourself for granted, but it’s a strange mixture of relief and misery: yay, it’s the night off and boo, I miss them. I missed them so much. Each night I was there I fell asleep while reclined on the bed doing something else, whether it was uploading pictures to flickr or making plans for tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow after that. 

We can only try. theVet has said she wants to try walking across the Golden Gate, so we should figure out how best to go about that, whether it be renting bikes on our own or figuring out a way to dragoon the kids into it. Me, I’m missing me the Coyote Point Beach so I’ll have to try to explore that at some point, too.