Dear J—

You find a good deal now and again and you think I’d be a fool to pass that up so there you are, stuck with more things and wondering where all the money has gone. Paying for things you might not (definitely don’t) need and driving everyone nuts with storage attempts and not really succeeding with fooling people into thinking that maybe you really did need that at one point or another. Case in point: the Olympus lenses that I still have yet to fit to a camera, though I keep having plans, glorious plans that never quite seem to pan out, do they?

You become addicted to how the deal makes you feel – ha, I’m putting one over on the world now, aren’t I? – and ignoring all other forms of entertainment or family matters and blindly racing down and trying to find what’s new, what’s next. Assembled together, and what do you have in return? There’s a trip you could have paid for, there’s some experience you guys didn’t get to go after. How about driving for a few hours out of the way, what would or could be better than that? We should be and outfit to be looking forward to wonderful things around here, shouldn’t we instead?



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