Days and Nights

Dear J—

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t been writing much as it seems I have an active social life on the morning train (102) so if you’re in the area, come see me sitting in the southernmost bike car, two cars up from the locomotive. I’m still almost willfully anti-social on the northbound train (261) but I blame that on my fellow riders, one of whom started yelling at someone who dared to touch his bike.

Hey, I get that guy; I understand how he feels. Your bike, your hands, right? Plus if the guy didn’t put a tag on and got buried, that’s really his fault, isn’t it? And yet … if you’re that concerned about your bike on Caltrain, then perhaps it’s not the right bike to be bringing on board. I see bikes on the train all the time which have to be multi-kilobuck bikes and I just wonder why you would even begin to think that was appropriate for the few miles you’ll end up commuting on it, not to say that you can’t have nice things. I’m just saying that it’s the train and you can’t expect everyone to be as concerned about your bike as you are.

I went up to HIllsdale High yesterday to pick up figgy from her drama camp (last week! Performances are tomorrow night!) and I still have to remark how there are corners of San Mateo that I recognize now, but perhaps haven’t always visited; the school is physically huge. YUUGE. I only got to see a tiny bit of it, though.



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