Dear J—

You know what? I’m done with having my pants be too tight after weekends; of popping buttons and choosing baggy clothes that don’t quite fit me right. I’m done with buying clothes from Costco, in fact, where the medium shirts are still too big and the smallest waistband I can find is 32 (this may be a function more of increased demand in my size rather than the Costco buyers’ fault, though I still believe they could be doing a better job around here, especially in managing the food stand at Foster City, where everyone seems to be milling around aimlessly behind the counter instead of taking orders.)

I’m done with long parenthetical statements, too, by the way. Some things will not stand, let’s say.

I’m done with discourteous people, and that means my own behavior too. Blowing up with the kids. At other drivers. It’s silly, isn’t it? In the grand scheme of things learning to let go – and saying no – is going to do wonders for my mental health, I think.



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