Dear J—

So remember this: when the San Francisco Chronicle‘s website SFGate is running stories about how it is to move to other places, well, I’ve been to some of them, and yes, just about anywhere is cheaper to live than here. Today’s article – talking about moving to Sacramento – notes the disparity in median home prices, with Sacto coming in at $300K and SF at $1.2M. Median home price. I’m trying to remember what it was when we were looking, casually, three years ago and I want to say it was much less than that but I was also looking around Visitacion Valley, which isn’t the most amazing neighborhood, either (and hasn’t shot up as stratospherically as others near here).

I understand the competitiveness and at the same time don’t fully understand it, either; if people just took a moment, stepped back, and considered this house rather than a house, well, you’d think that things would be more sane. Then again, I read a story about a family who felt compelled to buy a fixer-upper just for the space in Toronto (expanding family) and waded into a nightmare of home renovation, over budget and behind schedule (really, what construction project hasn’t?) and realize that no one is very incredibly rational when it comes to this stuff.



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