Elbow and Shoulder

Dear J—

This week keeps slipping by, and I haven’t even gottten to the good part yet. Monday on the way back to the train station to go home, I picked up a drywall screw in my rear tire – it’s strange how that happens, but luckily this one came in almost sideways, piercing a pinch of tread and obviously enough that I was able to spot it within a minute of dismounting after feeling the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa as the wheel went around. I thought that was the extent of my bad luck that day but then I went flying after I locked up the front wheel on the way home after reaching San Mateo.

I’m still not sure what happened other than to note my response to “hey, the wheel is locking up” is apparently “squeeze the brake harder.” I need to install a rear brake, and I need to do it yesterday, in fact. Too much coolness for me, perhaps, between the clean lines, greater speed, and single brake.



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