Donut Day

Dear J—

Happy National Donut Day (which I swear I did not know until just now, when Steve-the-conductor told me. More than anything I think donuts are primarily a social food: you get more than one unless you’re an unrepentant misanthrope, and you share them with someone you know, whether that’s friends, family, or just coworkers. Which is also why I don’t understand why people don’t spontaneously bring donuts in to work more often. perhaps they are not soft in the head like me and want to save their money. That’s more plausible than not liking donuts, because for as many people who say they don’t like them and swear they never eat donuts, there sure aren’t many leftovers at the end of the day.

Friday light again and there’s just not many people onboard; we have lots of ways to handle this but the simplest, most straightforward is this: hi, would you like to have some donuts?



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