Dear J—

Well, it looks like the Penguins will have a chance to advance to the Finals tonight and I predict they’re going to run into the same kind of overwhelming indifference that meets any kind of favorite, whether it’s the Patriots or the Yankees. It’s not going to stop them from winning, mind you, but I’d honestly prefer to see Nashville–Ottawa in the finals. Of course, I also have a deep and abiding grudge against the Penguins so let’s not forget that either.

We’re getting close to the end of part of our project and there’s a good deal of work still to be done; work deferred from other projects and work that needs to be done to finalize what we’re doing here. Of course I’m not interested. Of course. This was about the time of year last year that I flaked out while working from home and chose to be going to hike on the mountain, right? Sounds good to me.



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