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Rolling Tetanus

19 May 2017

Dear J—

Well, from the wreck I rescued from a backyard in Redwood City to this: several hundreds of dollars later and no doubt a fair amount of time and effort too; I present “Rolling Tetanus”:

Congratulations! It’s a bike that will tempt precisely zero thieves! There’s a couple of reasons I assembled the bike, not the least of which was because I could; it started out with a rear wheel I shouldn’t have bid on at auction but there I was with an internally-geared hub but no bike to put it on … hmm. From there it was a matter of picking out a suitable frame off Craigslist and then off to the races, dollar-wise. I picked up a few finishing parts while thinking of possibly riding it last week, for Bike to Work day, but didn’t quite make it in time, though I don’t think it would have helped much, if any. So here I am and there you are and welcome to it, right?