We See

Dear J—

There’s still a lot to be done and not enough time to do it and, well, who are we kidding, really? There’s too much. So rather than do nothing, start doing a little bit at a time, what you feel you can manage, which is more than what you want, but less than the whole. And eventually, you’ll get there. The train picks up speed in a fairly gentle manner. Things to remember: how does the cat manage to throw his weight around and sit on you whenever and wherever he wants? The tally talk after getting home, when after a whole day of not talking to anyone that’s all I can keep doing, or is it? 

I’m confused by my instincts, which tell me that interacting with the family is good and yet I sit there and withdraw, night after night. If you’re not helping, then you’re not working out real well for that, are you?



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    We See | Dear J-

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