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Slow Steps

18 April 2017

Dear J—

Either I’m sick and need more rest, or the allergies have been murderous this week. And either I’m paranoid at work or they’re making a move on what I do and how I do it. So keep your nose clean and try not to be so obvious about a lot of different things, including frittering away time reading about the next awful steps in the news. We’re supposed to be mature adults and yet our government has all the subtlety of a cheap hood: ‘Nice country ya got there. Be a shame if we were to drop a bomb on it, like we did to Syria and Afghanistan.’

In this I’m simultaneously isolationist – don’t we have enough going on without looking for a fight? – and aghast at the prospect of sending our Vice President in a leather bomber jacket to literally scowl across the border in person, like that show of force is supposed to send some kind of an unsubtle tough-guy message. There is an immensely strong sense of national pride that surprises me amongst Koreans I’ve met, and our leadership keeps poking that sleeping bear like it means nothing.