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Robot Games

17 April 2017

Dear J—

In trying to remember my dream from last night:

  • There were two companies with robots, let’s call them Company A and Company B
  • Company A had just announced their new advanced prototype, Robot A2
  • Company B wanted it, so they hatched a plan.
  • At the announcement of Robot A2, Company B attended and held their own press conference declaring their intent to steal A2
  • Naturally, Company A beefed up security
  • When Company B carried out their raid, it came as a bit of Ja shock anyway
  • Company B used an electromagnetic pulse to wreck A2 and stole the development prototype A1 instead, which had been done (for some reason) with an analog computer and so wasn’t affected by the attack on digital signals.

It doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it was my dream and the deus ex machina bit at the end is pretty weakly plotted, subconscious.